Academic Participation

·From June 2023 to now, Young Star Editor of Nano Research

·From March 2021 to now, member of the technical committee of Shanghai molecular image probe engineering technology research center of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

·2020 / 09 - present, associate editor of frontier in cell and developmental biology

·From July 2020 to now, member of the Fifth Editorial Committee of Chinese Chemical Letters

·From September 2017 to now, member of the Editorial Committee of materials today sustainability

·From April 2018 to now, member of China young science and technology workers association

·From October 2016 to now, vice chairman of the technical committee of the world Zhonglian external governance methods

·2015 / 09 - present, initiator / Executive member of acase

·From February 2014 to now, member of the Committee of Australian Chinese doctoral Salon (CAPS) / President of Shanghai Branch

·2014 / 12 - present, Fudan - Honorary Chairman / academic consultant of the Royal Chemical Society Student Club