Kong Biao, National High-level Talent Distinguished Expert, Chief Scientist of National Key R&D Program, Shanghai High-level Distinguished Expert, Fudan University Researcher, Vice Director of Center for Biomedical Imaging in Fudan University, Doctoral Tutor, Executive Vice President of Shandong Fudan Research Institute, Deputy Director of National Engineering Laboratory, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of International Frontiers Series Publications. After returning to China, he set up a research group for super-assembled soft interface, intelligent materials and devices, mainly engaged in the assembly and integration of super-assembled soft interface smart materials and devices, oriented to the design and assembly of super-assembled soft interface bionic materials, and soft interface intelligent sensing and detection chip integration. He focuses on the construction of new miniaturized implantable sensing devices, the development of high-level medical devices, the creation and application of new miniaturized implantable new energy devices, dedicated to sensor detection, soft interface electronic optoelectronic devices, and bionic soft interface energy storage. The research aims to provide efficient and sustainable soft interface smart materials for devices and other fields.


Researcher Kong Biao was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University in the United States. He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University in Australia and the Department of Chemistry at Fudan University. He was awarded the President's Award for Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of the University. Researcher Kong Biao also served as a special researcher in the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Melbourne. During his tenure, he was awarded the honorary title of Academic Star of Victoria in Australia. He won the Gold Award of the Shanghai Excellent Invention Trial, the Key Special Outstanding Youth Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Science and Technology Progress Award, the Chief Scientist of the National Key Research and Development Program, the First Prize of Shanghai Natural Science, the Confucius Education Foundation Outstanding Scientist Award, the First Prize of China Analytical and Testing Association Science and Technology Award (CAIA Award), “Ph.D. Graduate Academic Newcomer Award” of the Ministry of Education of China, “Dow Chemical Sustainable Development Innovation Award” first prize, Shanghai Youth Development and Innovation Mayor Award, Baosteel Education Honors and awards such as foundation special awards. Researcher Kong Biao has published more than 100 high-quality academic papers, including journals such as Nat. Chem., Sci. Adv., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Chem. Soc. Rev., and Acc. Chem. Res. The research results were reported by Nanowork, PHYS&ORG, Chem. Views and many other news media and magazines. His papers have been selected as a special feature report and research hotspot of Wiley, Royal Society of Chemistry, and have been selected as the cover and hot articles of Chem. Soc. Rev. His work was also selected by Chemistry World as China's most promising research report, and Nature Publishing Group as a research highlight.


In addition, Researcher Kong Biao pays attention to carrying out technical cooperation research work for specific social needs, and has applied for more than 60 domestic and foreign patents, including 5 international patents. The research results have been transformed with many companies including Haier Biology and Xi’an Kaili. He has been listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and served as the Honorary Dean of Shenzhen Datong Biotechnology Research Institute. In cooperation with the National Supercomputing Center, he pioneered the construction of an advanced material genome platform based on the national independent supercomputing platform, and served as the executive director of the National Supercomputing Advanced Materials Innovation Alliance. He has established the Fudan-Haier Biomedical Joint Research Center for public health emergencies and emergency management, in conjunction with Haier Biomedical, developed key technologies for vaccine storage and rapid biological detection in extreme environments. He created an innovative vaccination platform and  smart biomedical and emergency management solutions based on the big data, the products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions. Based on the super-assembly system, he developed a variety of multi-functional devices collaborating with Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Yunhui Environmental Technology Nantong Co., Ltd., Shandong Shengwen Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. In cooperation with many environmental protection companies, he has achieved significant performance improvements and significant economic and social benefits in the fields of VOCs removal, sewage treatment, and soil treatment, and won the gold medal in the Shanghai Excellent Invention Trial.