Awards and Honors

Important Honors & Awards:

·Gold Award of Shanghai Excellent Invention Competition, 2021

·Global Science and Technology Innovation Conference Scientific and Technological Innovation Advancement Award, 2020

·Executive Chairman of the National Supercomputing Advanced Materials Innovation Alliance, 2020

·Executive Director of the National Supercomputing Apex Materials Initiative Center, 2020

·Chief scientist of the national Key Research and development Program, 2019

·The First Prize of Natural Science in Shanghai, 2018

·Outstanding Scientist Award of THE CONFUCIUS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, 2018

·Outstanding Innovation Lecture Award of Sino-Singapore Cutting-edge Technology Symposium, 2017

·Thousand Talents Plan, The Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Shanghai, 2016

·Thousand Youth Talents Plan, The Recruitment Program of Global Experts, China, 2016

·The Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence, Monash University, Australia (Top 5 at Monash)

·The Academic Star in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, 2015 (Top 1 in Australia)

·The Mayor’s Award of Youth Development and Innovation, Shanghai, 2015 (Top 10 in China)

·Special Academician-Award of Tongji-KELAN Education Foundation, Shanghai, 2015 (Top 1 at Fudan)

·“Wong Lo Kat” Award Fund for Young Outstanding Student, Fudan University, 2015 (Top 10 at Fudan)

·National Scholarship, Ministry of Education & Finance, China, 2015 (Top 1 in Dept. Chem., Fudan)

·Young Chemical Engineer in Research Award, IChemE Global Awards, Birmingham, 2015 (Top 1 in Australia)

·Honorary Title of Outstanding Student Model, Fudan University, 2015 (Top 10/Fudan, Ratio 10/14 800)

·Honorary Title of Academic Star, Fudan University, 2014 (Top 10/Fudan, Ratio 10/14 800)

·Outstanding Achievements of Shanghai Postgraduates (Dissertation), 2014

·Top-Grade Award of BAOSTEEL Education Foundation, 2014 (Top 25 in China)

·Distinguished Award of BASF Scholarship, Fudan University, 2013 (Top 1 at Fudan)

·Grand Prize, Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award, 2013 (Top 1 at Fudan, Award Ratio 1/31900)

·Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student, Ministry of Education, China, 2012 (Top 1 at Fudan, Award Ratio 25/31900)

·Scientific and Technical First-prize Award of CAIA, China, 2011 (Top 1 in China)